A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing through Social News

Social news community has carved a niche for itself in a very short span of time. Apart from this, because of the popularity of internet marketing, internet marketers are coming up with new techniques to incorporate the latest trends and technology with social media websites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and G+ etc to promote internet branding. A few years back, no body would have ever thought that these social networking websites will work as a major medium of connecting advertisers and the audiences. Promoting your product online is a lot different from promoting your product offline through advertising and the use of promotional items such as pens, custom water bottles or magnets. To be precise, internet marketing can do a lot big for you and in different ways.

Looking into the Past

It all started with the launch of Reddit and Digg. When it comes to sharing news, different articles or other informative stuff, these two websites have been by far the most popular ones. The stories published on these websites are a great source of attracting new and old visitors again and again. Digg has been the most popular website for sharing articles and has seen a very good time when it comes to traffic. However, with the introduction of so many other social networking websites, the stardom graph of Digg is finally going down.

Marketing and Social News Today

We all spend some time of our day on these social networking websites. Some people are even addicted to them and we cannot blame them. These websites can be very addictive but still, we need to do something productive and constructive out of them instead of wasting time. The best part is that even if someone is not sharing an article, the tweets and status updates are quite enough to share the latest breaking news.

So, how to get started with social marketing through social news? This does not have to be a very difficult question if you start your journey from a right path. Since everyone has a different interest, someone would be looking for a science or technology news and someone would be looking for media related information. Also, if you are already an owner of a blog, social media marketing can prove to be really beneficial for you. You can promote your new website or new pages of Facebook on your blog to attract audiences to your newly built website.

Fewer Complications, More Users

If you really want users to love your website, keep it as simple as you can. As informed earlier, Digg was one of the most famous website for sharing news and one of the major reasons behind its success was that it was simple to register and easy to vote. Marketing through social news is not that easy, you need to make right moves at the right time. You can even publish your own story on other websites and if people like it they will vote for it in order to get it published on the front page.

Once you sign-up with these social media websites, you will be free to post an article on that website to promote your own link. Think from an intelligent marketer’s perspective and once you do that, you will realize that you do not get to loose anything from this medium. It does not matter who votes, who do not votes; you will still have a back-link for your website and this things will definitely improve your ranking in search engines.

Dividing Walls within the Community

Whatever community you join, you will always have an option to chat with people belonging to different walks of like. Networking can take you to a lot of places so taking out time and chatting with people from different regions is highly recommended. This way, you will be able to promote your own website all around the world. After all, every marketing strategy is solely for gaining new visitors and readers. The websites who are already established might not have to work really hard in this case. However, you will have to make a lot of effort if your website is not well-known to promote it.

Creating a Brand Image

Always remember that whatever you do on social websites, it should be to create a brand image of yours. Instead of using your own name as a username, you should go for some keywords that will represent your company. Also, do not upload your personal pictures. If you really want to promote your brand, always use images of your brand’s logo or any events. Do keep one thing in mind that you cannot create a brand image and become popular overnight so this task will take your time.

While you are spending a lot of time in submitting articles or voting articles to reach out to people, you might feel a little exhausted and drained out. Do not go crazy on this and take things really slowly. All you need is a list of all social news websites and then you can work on all of them one by one with a different or improved strategy for each.

Useful Content

At the end of the day, people will love your brand if it is bringing something informative and useful to them. If you really want your post to stand out, make sure it is well written, double-checked, proof-read and then post. As said earlier, do not over extend yourself. Once you have submitted, you can ask for some favors from friends to comment, promote or like your posts. Writing an article is also an art so whatever you decide to publish, it should be worth readers’ time. Because if a reader thinks that his time is wasted once, he will not bother reading your articles on any social media website.


To be honest, there can never be set rules defined for marketing strategies. You might need to have a new strategy for each website of yours. However, whatever techniques are available online, learning them is not really hard. If you really want to get noticed, try to remain active on your own articles but do not forget to post comment on other articles as well. Instead of getting into arguments, promote healthy discussion and there is always a room to learn from these social media websites. If you find something interesting while surfing, make sure you share it.

Try and give more time those websites which you think are driving more traffic towards your website. Handling too many websites can be really difficult and you won’t be able to do your marketing well. So, pick a few of the best social media websites and start marketing on them. These websites can do wonders for you and that too without having to cost you any money.


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