45 Brilliant Examples of Black and White 35mm Photography

The fact is that more people are becoming interested in black and white 35mm photography for many reasons, few of them are mentioned below

  • Rare Photography and for that reason alone
  • Accentuates the depth of the photograph
  • Heightens or highlight emotional contents
  • Tendency to make photos look more like works of art
  • Produces a clean, crisp look
  • Transforms a dingy or a striking photo evoking emotion

Now Question is Why learn about black and white photography tips in a world that so emphasizes color? There is an excellent chance that you have never even taken a black and white photograph in your entire life. If that’s the case then please follow our simple single line tips to have a great 35mm black and white photo-shot

Black and White 35mm Photography Tips

  1. Transform Dull or Drab scenes into (potential) Works of Art
  2. Relationship Portraits (family photographs mostly portraits)
  3. Dramatic Cityscapes or Architecture (goto big cities and take photos of important buildings)
  4. Emotional Scenes (occasions, weddings, memorials, streetlife)
  5. Everyday Magic! (Take family pics, smiling kids, running behind birds or pets)

Make sure you click on each photo to see a larger version and learn more about each of the talented photographers behind the cameras and Keep in mind these are very good examples for poster printing.

Chicago CXVIII

Too much in common



Shoemaker’s machine



Wild Seas

good morning, coffee.

Dreaming Time

Retired lighthouse

Chicago CXIV



Junk Yard

bt tower

Fixie in bw4

Chicago CX

dream water

New birth

Glass Birds


Shoemaker’s window

the birds

Master and apprentice



being a teenager



Chicago XC

Prepared for Winter

Connie engine

Just South Of Here… Utopia

Duty free in the rain

Sake for One


turning the tables


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