40 Mindblowing Examples of Food Photo Manipulation

Because the manipulation of a photo gives a realistic view of an unreal picture, you should have an open mind when gathering ideas on how to get creative with your images. Here are 40 Mindblowing Examples of Food Photo manipulated images, which are mixed and matched with food products and other objects in such a nice and creative way that you can’t differentiate with real and unreal.

iApp Mac



Flying Banana

S’more technology

Apple Dresser

Mint Condition

Chocolate Chips

perched pineapples

Pea Brain

Zucchini Eyeball

Jelly Spider

Donut Chain

Kiwi Surprise!

Garlic-Bread Bride

Hot Air strawberry

Souper Bowl

Spaghetti Rappelli

Steaming Capuccino

pizza Cd

Tropical Traffic Light

Pod Tart

Smoking Carrot

Packed Lunch

Cheesy Tie

Cupcake Hat


cereal pool

Jelly Beetle

recycle bread

Strawberry Ring


Cracker Record


Bread & Butterfly

Blitz tour

Ice Cream Helmet


Edible Paints

The Original Green Beret


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    This is the post that I have been waiting to see. You three have outdone yourselves again, looks great and still familiar. It is hard to believe that the last site was launched in 2004. Lots of little details with this one that I am still trying to catch.