10 Most Expressive HTML5 and CSS3 implemented Web Design

Another improvement to CSS proposed by Adobe is called Exclusions, which lets developers flow text into a non-rectangluar shape, or to wrap it around graphics on the screen, much like what’s been possible in desktop publishing for decades. Check out the video below for examples of these new standards at work.


A ticking clock animated using HTML5 and jQuery


Space CaCSS – Animated CSS3 background patterns. Let’s get trippy. How does it work? The basic technique is to use a CSS3 repeating-radial-gradient as a background and animate it by changing its background-size. That’s all what’s needed in the second example. Pretty hypnotic. If you want more variations you can use a second gradient with a different background-size. Or add a second animation for the background-position with a different timing. That makes it possible to create a somewhat random looking motion like in the last example (orange).


Bifter is an SVG Comic that also utilises HTML5, CSS3 and RDFa as well as remaining screenreader friendly.


We’re searching the universe for intelligent beings who inspire us and will help us conquer new frontiers. Read our stories and make contact if you are ready to join the adventure.


An HTML5 browser-based typing game.

The wilderness downtown

That famous Arcade Fire video that all your friends emailed you about.


Find shapes in clouds and draw what you see! Share with friends in the gallery.


please check the Experiments in Code and I am sure you will love it

The Expressive Web

This site is a resource and showcase of some of the newest, and most expressive features being added to the web today.


Lose yourself in @EllieGoulding’s Lights, an interactive & colorful music video experience using #webgl


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