“Don’t Go Nearer” 20 Dramatic images of World


Today we have decided to present Dramatic images of world and our advice to you when you see anything similar to this then please don’t go nearer to them. We have seen the Twin Towers collapse hundreds of times on TV, Tsunami images, Katrina when hit USA, Big buidings make of steel and glass exploding like a bag of flour, the dust and smoke pluming out across.Volcano Eruptions and Smoke all around in the sky disturning flights and enviroment etc captured by the Eye of the Camera. Hope you will like our collection today. Enjoy

Dramatic Images of World

Volcano in Sea


Thunder Storms

Sand Storm

clounds and Lightnings

Lava coming near you


Volcano Dust

Strange Smoke

Sea Volcano Eruptions


Forest on fire

Live Volcano

Glacier Fallout


Deadly Clouds

Atomic Explosion

Shark Attack

World Trade Center Collapse

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    These seems very horrible, nice photos collection :)