20 Adorable 3D Animal Illustrations for your inspiration


We love sharing top notch works of creatives! This is a talented packed bundle of adorable 3D Animal illustrations by Anton Bugaev, created in 3D max. 3D and funny animals is a deadly combination and in this post, this combination shows its full powers. Although these funny illustrattions are quite enjoyable to watch, we should not forget to praise the imagination and hard work of the Anton Bugaeu. This is a rare kind of 3D digital art and it is the first time that we are posting something like this..

3D Illustrations

He is talented artist, Judging on his powerful success and activity we decided to have frequent series of posts. We hope that from this collection you will gain great inspiration and energy, that will go into your next project!

Adorable 3D Animal Illustrations

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  • Gael

    They are gorgeous, so talented!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.logoblog.org/ Logo Design

    SO beautiful Collection of 3d illustration! very inspiring illustration!!
    Thanks for sharing.