Run Before they catch you: Strange Clouds that You’ll Ever See

Mammatus Clouds

Convection is like a buoyant bubble, he said. In mammutus clouds, evaporation causes pockets of negative buoyancy as it cools the air inside the cloud. This makes the clouds puff downward instead of up like cumulus clouds, and they end up being like upside-down bubbles.

The reason they are smooth is the thermal structure right below them. The speed at which the temperature drops with increased height, known as the “lapse rate,” needs to be close to neutral, he said. In other words, if you put a warm little bubble of air in a particular spot, it won’t go up or down much at all — no heat goes in or out. This is typical of the thermal structure of thunderstorms. Without these circumstances, you’d get more common ragged-looking clouds or cloudy wisps coming out.

Cloud Hole

Strange Clouds: Worm flying


BitterSweet Sunrise

Strange Tentacle Cloud

Clouds of Lennox Head

*Interlude* Strange Cloud Formation

Strange Clouds: Look like a lady

lenticular clouds 4

Alien Clouds

Ghostly Cloud Bearbeitet

Flying Saucer Clouds

Run Before they catch you

A little trip to Heaven

Mountain Rainier

Weird Clouds

Coming Storm

Beautiful Phenomenon

FallStreak Cloud

UFO Clouds

Stupa Weird Cloud

Weird Clouds on City

Dragon Cloud

Approaching Asperatus

Falcon Attack

Road Above Road

over boston

Angel’s uniting

Cloud Souls

Fart by Trees

Twister Cloud



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