How-to Prompt Your Visitors through the Best Call-to-Action

Identify Your Business Goals

You must be wondering how identifying a business goal would call visitors to action. The simple answer to this question is that as a webmaster, you need to provide a reason to your visitors to visit your website and that can be done only when you are aware of your goals and your target audience. Once you have identified your target audience, you can provide the relevant information on your website and by doing this you are giving your readers a reason to visit your website. So, focus and clear your concepts first.

Layout of the Website

Anyone and everyone in this world, is attracted to beauty. The layout of the website is an integral part of the website. The way you design your website is very important. You need to highlight the most important parts of the website for instance RSS, Newsletter, Sign Up, Sign In.

A user should be able to find such things way too easily so that he can move to another level. If your design is giving your visitor a hard time finding things, it does not matter how informative your website is, your visitor will leave.

Go Direct with Users

Promoting your products all the time is not a good idea. Do not make users go round and round in circles trying to find things. You need to direct users and not only this; you need to use active phrases which can tell users what you really want them to do. Your phrases should be direct.

For instance, if you have an e-commerce website, use ‘Buy Now’ with every product or if you have an informative blog or website use ‘Find out now’ so that people know that they can find answers by clicking on that particular tab.

Avoid Complexities

As a webmaster, I am sure you want more and more users to sign up and subscribe to your website. The best way to do is by avoiding complexities and keeping things as simple as possible. Do not get into long steps and do not make your user think way too much. By doing this you are only annoying your visitor. If there are hundreds of steps to follow just to sign up to your website, the visitor will leave without even signing up. If your visitor needs to look for FAQs just to get done with simple procedures, you have not made a good website.

Importance of Home Page

The home page of any website is like its base. If you have ended up making it too complicate or crowded, you have made a wrong choice. With a lot of tabs on home page, you are only confusing visitors and with so much confusion your visitor wont be able make quick decisions which is exactly why he would leave without taking any action at your website. So, keep your home page simple and keep the options limited.

Avoid Dead Ends

The most important actions such as subscribe, follow, RSS are placed on the home page which means if a visitor is on some other page and he decided to sign up or subscribe, he will have to come back to your home page. The important links such as sign up or subscribe should be displayed on every page because if you are not doing this, you are making a user head towards a dead end which is your loss at the end of the day. You are taking every reason of action away from your visitor.

Involve Your Visitors

Involving your visitors is a great way to call visitors to action. Show your visitors that you care about them and you can do this by giving them some rights on your website. Let them perform a couple of actions without even having to register and then prompt them to register for further usage.

Give your visitors an option to suggest your website to friends and offer them discounts if you want to. Tempt them to register your website. Also, a website should always have a comment or feedback box in case users have some suggestion or feedback. Make sure you reply them because this is what will involve them and make them feel important. Once a user gets involves, he will definitely take some good actions.

Take Advantage of Social Networking Websites

We all know how popular these social websites have become. They need no introduction so your visitor should be able to follow you on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, My Space or any other famous social networking website. Not only this is a good way for calling visitors to action, it is indeed a great way to promote your website. However, they should be able to find ways to follow easily. As mentioned earlier, do not make them go in circles and make their life easy.

Give an Option to Bookmark

It gets difficult for users to recall the links of the websites they liked so the best you can do to your visitors is giving them an option to bookmark your website. You are again giving them an easy way to visit your website again by just a single click if they want to. However, they will only bookmark your website if it is informative enough so make sure you have quality content in order for users to look for bookmark.

Final Thoughts

A lively and up-to-date website is one thing which users love. Do not keep your website dull and boring which might appear as an old website which is no longer functional. Making changes in your layout every now and then is a good way to keep your users involved and let them know that website is up and running. Since everyone loves change, an interesting and creative ways to encourage visitors to register or subscribe is also a great idea in reference to calling visitors to action.

Calling visitors to action is not that difficult. All you need to do is put yourself in their shoes and then think accordingly. The more you make your website simple and user-friendly, the more it will call your users to action.


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