Pause for Coke; Celebrate 125 years with us

Look back at our heritage, advertising and history


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  • Elias Sarantopoulos

    Down the memory lane, great photos!

  • Adriana

    These ads are really beautiful 🙂 I guess the women in the ads are the prettiest part 😀 You’ve gotta love Coke 😉

  • Victoria Lloyd

    My husband Always brings home a Coke when he goes to the grocery store.
    He never forgets his Thirst For Coke.
    My Grandmother, (Rest her Soul), gave me a Coke Glass with the “Enjoy Coca-Cola” trademark.
    My Mom gave me a pair of Santa in his Sleigh glasses with the “Enjoy Coca-Cola
    My Son, (Rest his Soul), used to use a plastic cup all the time, with the “Enjoy Coca-Cola” trademark on it.
    And we just had steamed crabs and my husband had his beer and I told him nothing goes better with crabs than a nice cold glass of Coca-Cola Classic which I Enjoyed.
    Thank you, Coca-Cola.
    Victoria Lloyd

    • Victoria Lloyd

      Wrong Pic was posted. Please Delete the above picture.
      Post this one in its place.
      Thank you.
      Victoria Lloyd

    • Victoria Lloyd

      Wrong Pic was posted.
      Please delete the picture.
      And post this one in its place.
      Thank you, Victoria Lloyd

  • a2zStuff

    but i hate coke 7up is my favorite

  • Web Design Company Mumbai

    Nice Vintage Add

  • ErinA

    The model in the green dress bowling is my grandmother….. She is the same as the “yes” bathing suit model ….however this bowling is hard to find and have been searching for years. Any leads to help?