Some things you’ll never see until it is “End of days”


Nature has always been a source of inspiration for photographers & designers to look at things differently. We all know that a tree doesn’t always have green leaves, water is not blue and clouds are certainly not always white and puffy. As designers, we need to know to look beyond the obvious when looking at things. In this article we presented photos which are totally not real and not possible to see in our life until it is “end of days”.

I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of our world, and often dream of the things that lay just beyond what we can see. I wanted to create images of scenes that are not-quite real, but that almost could be.

Most Gorgeous Unrealistic Lanscape scenes

Stars, Day-Light & New York

Snow, Clouds & Sunny Day

Two Moon’s on Sea Shore

Saturn on a Light House

Two Moon’s on a Mountain

Two Planets and Snow

Me, Rain, Moon’s and long way back home

Sun, Moon, Clouds & Canyan’s

Planets Above Buddha in Sahara

All photography and compositing by me, with planet stock with all permissions from resurgere.

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    Wow very nice collection wonderful photography i like this post very much thanks a lot for sharing this awesome post !!!!!

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    Very great collection of photos. Pictures like that are what make the world such a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing.

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    awesome paintings

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    Ultimate and extraordinary collections,nice work,really appreciable,keep it up…

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