Ways with which CSS Affects Your Web Development Process

Importance of CSS

It is very important t understand initially how this tool works. While developing a website, handling web pages is quite a difficult task. CSS makes handling these pages a lot easier and not only this you can also link various documents in your website. If we say that it gives you a strong hold over your website, it won’t be wrong. However, you need to keep in mind that CSS will have no impact on your designing of the website. It is basically for the font and content presentation of your website which is the most important thing along with the design of the website.

Let us now take a look at a few advantages of CSS development which makes it an important tool in web development:

Quick and Easy To Load

If you are developing a website in table layouts, it is sure to be a heavy website. However, websites developed with the help of CSS are quick and easy to load as they are considered to be lighter websites in comparison to websites developed with table layouts. If you are giving your users a website which loads very quickly, you are instantly grabbing their attention and trust.

As mentioned earlier, if your website is taking ages to load, chances are that you will loose a visitor in those very few seconds. The CSS style sheet is downloaded only once which is why it does not take time.

Relationship between CSS and HTML

We all know that HTML is the most basic thing in the website development field. More than half of the websites are developed using HTML. Since we are talking about HTML and CSS, we should discuss the relationship of HTML with CSS as well. While developing a website CSS and HTML both can be used simultaneously which means that a developer can come up with a great page and that too in less time. CSS brought a style in text of the website because this functionality was limited in HTML.

Also, developing a website only with HTML was a very time consuming thing and CSS made things a lot easier. If a designer is developing a website with HTML and CSS, he is definitely going to come up with a great website in a lesser time.

Easy Positioning of Elements

Another advantage of CSS is that it allows a user to position the website elements with less effort. You can use any element and place it according to your own choice. At times, the whole website looks great but there is a certain portion of the website which requires changes. Now, earlier, a developer has to make changes from the beginning which could be time consuming. Now with the help of CSS, if you are unhappy with the results of certain section in your website, you can simply edit that section with the help of CSS.

CSS is a great tool for the maintenance of the website as you can edit pages, link or any broken links too.

Compatibility with All Web Browsers

Gone are they days where Internet Explorer was the only explorer available.  All the websites were developed keeping in mind that one particular browser. Now, everyone is using different browsers and this is why a web developer has to make sure that the website looks great and is functional in all browsers. CSS is compatible with all the good browsers available in the internet world now. If a site is developed with the help of tables, it might not give a good result on every browser but with the help of CSS, your website would be compatible on every browser.

Make Printable Web Pages with the Help of CSS

A lot of users might want to print your website’s page for their own convenience. CSS allows you to create print friendly pages which can be considered a great advantage of using CSS. While developing a website, lot of images and colors are used which are difficult to be printed but CSS makes it all easier as they can be eliminated. See, while developing a website, you need to put yourself in user’s shoes. They will not understand the technical reasons behind the behavior of your website so you need to keep things simple. Give users a print friendly website and let them print whatever they want to.

Customization of Web Pages

There was a time when developers would wish to make changes in a website without affecting the content of it. Well it can be done now with the help of CSS. Now even users can change the layout of the websites which are created with the help of CSS. Since the CSS sheets are stored externally, a common user can make changes to in the layout as well. Now, users can even change the font properties but not in every browser. This depends on the browser you are using.

SEO Optimization

As mentioned earlier, developer can position the elements as per their choice with the help of CSS. This is exactly how they can keep the important content first. Now, if the important content is first, the web spiders will notice it in a better way hence improving the ranking of your website in search engines making it a more search engine friendly website. This is one of the greatest advantages of CSS as it improves the ranking of your website on search engines making it more accessible to the users.

Consistence Appearance of the Website

A user will only notice how smooth your website is and developers should pay a special attention towards the consistency of their website. The text will appear the same on every web page and if not, changes can be made easily with the help of CSS.


If you want flexibility and portability in presenting your content, you should definitely use CSS. Since you have an option to make separate style sheets for different mediums, you will have various ways to present your content.

Final Thoughts

Cass has not only made the life easier for web developers but it has also given developers a sense of control while developing a website. Now, everything seems to be under control and modification of websites has also become a lot easier. If you are in the process of developing a website, you should definitely take advantage of CSS.


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