49 Awesome HTML5 Web Designs To Inspire You


A web designer, while thinking to create something certainly ‘out of the box’ design, has the old techniques of single page websites based on a good Javascript and other techniques of Slideshows and sliders to create a really beautiful website. But the advent of HTML5, an updated version of famous Web designing tool HTML, having lots of new features and technology that facilitate the web designers in developing gorgeous web designs, has made it easier. The new features, earlier owed from various plug-ins like Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash etc., of drag-and-drop and playback video had been introduced in HTML5 to nicely and easily create certain attractive effects to your web sites. The sites can be made gorgeous by using the new techniques of HTML5 to show something really cool.

HTML5 gives inspirations to even low profile web designers, having less creativity in their views, to create artistic and gorgeous web designs by using its techniques. The elements and techniques of HTML5 have redefined the working of web designers which have modernized the process of work and doubled the speed to complete the projects. Though the technology of HTML is still growing even then it is considered to be very creative technique for the web developers. Today we’ll show you 49 awesome example of HTML5 in web design that collected from best html5 gallery websites. I think these html5 websites will help you have new ideas and skills in web design of 2011.

LV Graphic


Mkt Virtual

Fly Type

We Creative


Pirates Love Daisies

Airfront Media

Install HDTV

Paul Rohrbeck

Tattoos by Neal

Marco Barbosa

Learn Something Everyday

Media Queries

HTML5 Today

Kazi Manzur Rashid

Kiran Owal



Quentin De Smedt

Scooter System

RSA Opening Minds

Welcome Brand


The Bones Brigade DJs

Aviary HTML5 Photo Editor


Layer 51


Triverse Centre




Stockholm Hairdresser

Isabelle Vets Lost Pets


Ondrej Vertat

Citrine Design


Kubi Media

Freeze Frame Photobooths


Jeff Aquino

Gamer Vision



Float Left

Livid Media

Die Linke

Boy Avianto


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