30 Exellent Web Design of Education Niche


In this post, we’re showcasing a collection of 30 exellent examples of educational websites. Most of the themes utilize cool typography, elegent design and beatiful colors. If you’re thinking about an outstanding design for your next educational website project, we’ve got some inspiration for you.

Body Arts Laboratory

Flow Academy 2011

Our Wild Garden

IADE – Creative University

Mozart Young Academy

Hashrocket University

Leeuwarden Studiestad

Knoxlife Church

Drum Studio Tuition

Fiore Languages


Simon Langton



Ministry Marketing Group

La Baldufa

Live Outside The Pack

MO Blues

Riz Scholars

Allen Berg Racing Schools

Runway Pilot School

Upside Learning

Renewal Counseling Center

Curtin University


Willowbrook Church


Danone Changes my World

Pray for 44


Mount Chapel

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